How to Format your Resume for IT Contracting Jobs in Europe

When you are trying to win IT contracting jobs in Europe, one thing that you need to systematically come up with is a resume. A resume basically helps you showcase your capability in the field by outlining your skills, educational background, previous work experience, and a focused idea about how you want to help the... Continue Reading →


How to become Productive on your IT Freelance Jobs in Europe

When you work for several IT freelance jobs in Europe, there are moments that you feel less productive as you try to keep up with all the things that you need to do for the companies. Juggling a lot of tasks might be stressful and could potentially affect the number of things that you will... Continue Reading →

Formatting your Independent IT Consultant Resume According to ATS

The Applicant Tracking System helps hiring managers in filtering independent IT consultant resumes that they receive from aspirants who would like to be part of their company. It can be set according to the skills, schools, certifications and specific keywords that they need to put in while setting up the system. How do you construct... Continue Reading →

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