Formatting your Independent IT Consultant Resume According to ATS

The Applicant Tracking System helps hiring managers in filtering independent IT consultant resumes that they receive from aspirants who would like to be part of their company. It can be set according to the skills, schools, certifications and specific keywords that they need to put in while setting up the system. How do you construct... Continue Reading →


How to Find IT Freelance Jobs in Europe in 5 Days?

If you are looking for IT freelance jobs in Europe, here are some foolproof ways to help you nail one in less than 5 days. These tips will guide you how to jumpstart a new career by finding the best clients ideal for your skills, needs and experiences. Networking Socialize with your colleagues or anyone... Continue Reading →

Preparing for IT Contracting Jobs in Europe

  If you are looking for IT contracting jobs in Europe, you have to make sure that you have thoroughly checked the requirements that you need to have before you begin. If you are a local who have seen the promising benefits of becoming an IT contractor, and you plan to shift from a regular... Continue Reading →

How to Apply for IT Freelance Jobs in Europe

IT freelance jobs in Europe are increasing today because of how businesses are looking forward to improving their business processes through different aspects and benefits provided by the digital age. The demand to find an experienced and qualified IT expert has been one of the reasons why Europe can be a prolific place to find... Continue Reading →

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